Positioning yourself, what you do and how you do it is the key to being sustainable, innovative and leading the way. Just because something currently exists doesn’t mean that it should (and will) stay like that.

With the arrival of technology including AI, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), a waste ground will be left behind of businesses that failed to change. The businesses that will succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow are those that are embracing the changes. The fortunate thing is that we won’t all need to be technology experts to benefit from the changes.

What we need to have, is vision, to be open to how we establish it and to have crystal clear insight in how to overcome obstacles and problems. These components provide the best chance of success.

Those that we know about and don’t want to deal with

Problems that we’ve tried fixing but have not yet resolved

What we don’t know about yet


The Visionary Solutions approach looks at repurposing people, places and products to complement the fundamental marketplace changes. Predictions look at where you expect the world to be. Leading takes it towards a vision. When clients come to me, they often point out the symptoms of their problem. Imagine if you could discover the underlying issue that was causing them and be on the right track within an hour? You only get one shot for your vision to lead. Wait too long and you’ll be following and chasing another leader. Whether the problem is how to point your business or a specific component of it that isn’t working, I won’t rewrite what you’re trying to achieve, but I will draw together the key components of it and connect them in an optimal way that quantum leaps your business without leaving you behind. I call the approach 'one-shot' consulting. You only have one shot at getting it right and being the leader in your industry, one shot at first impressions and with my solution based approach, your business will get the one shot boost that it needs to overcome the stumbling blocks and get ahead. The approach is active and puts your decisions as the driver. It is not reactive to competitors that have taken the lead in your field with you holding onto their coat tails. The companies that I have worked with range from start-ups, rapidly-growing scale-ups and more established organisations. They may currently be in a dominant market position or they may have some specific areas for concern. They all, however, wish to anticipate growth areas and position themselves for the future so they thrive. Industries that I have worked with include technology, property, outer-space development, investment and financial services and, I find throughout, that a "fresh set of eyes" can add huge value from a business perspective. This, combined with having an innovative mind and being able to articulate the benefits of a particular strategy is why more and more clients from unfamiliar industries seek out my expertise. The approach to solving problems is often with one eye on the immediate and another on the longer term. Too many businesses, however, focus on the quick fix and forget the future. The solutions that One Shot create will fix today’s problems whilst also identifying a long term solution that aligns with your vision. “The one thing that’s constant is change”. What problems and fundamental changes are you anticipating?

I come from a background spanning business, consulting and investment. My experience and intuition come from the University of Life (although I did also study International Business Administration at the European Business School). I have worked with property, banking and technology companies (among others) to fine tune their processes, develop and position their offerings to Clients and to define their strategies. I have guided Clients with product launches, trained sales teams and project managed change.

As an avid traveller, I am keen to discover the road less followed. Whilst a destination provides a good target, for me, it is the journey where the adventure happens. The destination gives direction (and ideally keep being extended out!). In 2007, I rode my motorcycle from London to Australia and met a diverse range of people along the way and learned many life lessons that I like to introduce to all areas of life and business. Tackling and responding to unexpected situations in unfamiliar environments and cultures is where ingenuity and quick thinking really come into their own.

I began my career in investment management with one of the giant global banks. I quickly recognised that I was bored and achieving few of my own goals. I set up my first business 15 years ago and have not looked back. That is not to say that it has been a clear path, but a learning experience. It has also been an earning experience, which is part of why we become entrepreneurs in the first place.
 I am married to a fantastic wife and we support eachother in our business goals. We have 2 young girls and I have had the privilege of actually being able to spend time with them as they grow up. This is just one of the benefits of your own business. That is not to say that there are not times of intense work or issues to struggle with, but it is a balance that I would not have been able to find in my previous career.